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Welcome to Smart Locks Keyless Entry     

Smartlocks Keyless Entry are suppliers and distributors of keyless entry security systems including  EZ TREND TECHNOLOGY CO.¸ LTD products under the name EZ TREND AUSTRALIA.
We supply only high quality remote controlled security door locks for homes and businesses keyless entry remotes¸ keyless entry touch pads and  keyless entry prox cards supplying affordable keyless security.  
Yes we also supply matching handlesets and doorknobs.

We are dedicated to providing friendly expert service to all our customers¸ and not just prior to sales. Our service extends to after sales help.

All our products sold on this site have a 12 month warranty that we personally attend to. We are so confident that we give a money back GUARANTEE on all our door hardware products so that you can feel absolutely secure when purchasing from Smart Locks Keyless Entry.

If you are a Professional Builder¸ renovator or Owner Builder doing home improvement or building a new home¸then this site can offer a great enhancement to your building or home improvement project.

We invite you to browse through our site and look over our door hardware which includes security door locks¸keyless entry remote controlled door locks¸dead bolts¸entrance door locks and the many other security door locking systems which we provide for builders and home improvement projects. We only sell the highest quality hardware¸in fact we believe that our locks and handsets are the best on the market and our prices are often 30% to 40% less than that of competitors locks of comparative quality.

Secure but easy enough for this two year old to use

open quote keyless locks

Secure from intruders with a quick release in case of fire¸ these locks have a remote easy enough for this two year old to use

close quote keyless locks

From $238.80 posted anywhere in Australia.

That´s $229.00 + $9.80 postage for a high quality Infra Red Deadbolt with a solid brass cylinder housing.

We do not stock the cheaper poor quality hardware¸ because it is just not worth the effort.


Now affordable for your front door.
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Our Products at a glance.

  • Security Door Locks                    We have a comprehensive range of secure door locks 
  • Remote Controlled Locks           Remote locking using keyless entry just like your car
  • Keyless Entry Locks                    We have Infra Red Remotes and Touch Pads
  • Key Entry Locks                            High Quality traditional standard entry locks
  • Smart ProxCard Locks               Unavailable in Australia and NZ at this time
  • Touch Pad Keyless Entry           Simply enter your number into the keypad¸ just like
                                                              a telephone.                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                   Easy to install¸ easy to use¸ serious security
If you need to get out in a hurry in case of fire¸ these locks have a simple quick release.        Security¸safety and quality combined.

Ph/Fax  07 54 22 9000   Smart Locks Keyless Entry  PO Box 1115 Woodford Qld 4514

keyless entry door hardware Remote controlled door and Security Door locks locking systems
Dead Bolts and Entrance door locks, keyless entry door hardware for home improvement

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